What can be said of a group of actors who not only rehearsed for six weeks, but also devoted three months of their lives to a workshop and cast album?

Original Cast

Cast of Characters

Bruce Wermuth                Ted Wilson

Dara Whitehead                Ariel Knight

Connie Marie Brown         Ariel (swing)

Andy Mullins                    Roger Tanner

Rick Daussat                    Ed Cole

Kelly Winstead                Melissa Jones

Steve Sheridan                Stan Shannon/

                                         Big Jim Watson

Carol Anne Gordon         Audrey Jones

Angie Streck                   Sandi Todd

Jodi C. Wright                Kathy Darling

Sherrie Wollenhaupt       Hannah Leibowitz                         

Brian Brissman                Toby Scott/Elvis

Charles Baker              Weekender/Elvis

Gregory Tucker            Weekender/Elvis

W. Brent Shehane        Weekender/Elvis

Rachel Golden              Ensemble

Trisha Anderson            Ensemble

Kelli Bennett                  Ensemble  

February 2003 show

Jill Lord                          Kathy Darling.       

Ted and Ariel

“Angels Everywhere”


Left to right: Charles Baker, Rachel Golden Baker, Angie Streck, Kelli Bennett,  Carol Anne Gordon, Greg Tucker (in front of Christmas tree), Connie Marie Brown, Steve Sheridan and Kelly Winstead, Bruce Wermuth, Brian Brissman, Jodi Wright, Trisha Anderson Goins, W. Brent Shehane, Sherrie Wollenhaupt.  (Not present: Andy Mullins and Rick Daussat.)


Additional Material:

Pat Reeder & Laura

Ainsworth for The Comedy Wire

Music Director:

Bruce Wermuth

Stage Manger:

Misty Petty


Penny Greenbauer


Penni Westbrook

Set Design:

Rick Daussat

Set Artist:

Karen Davidenko

Set Construction:

Paul Scott

Tech Director:

Pamm Stadt

Sound Engineer:

David “Ziggy” Buie


Terri Hagar

Assistant Director:

Patsy Daussat

Logo Design:

Kathy Schoeppner


Sherry Etzel


Rick Etzel

Annie Rose Such

Ted plays baby trumpet

Radio! Cast/Crew

“Radio Sensation”